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Fastest and Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada: 2021

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Canada is one of the best countries for immigrants. Moreover, Canada depends on immigrants to keep its population growing. There is therefore a high chance for immigrants to immigrate to Canada.

This article would provide you with the necessary guidance needed for you to immigrate to Canada. It is necessary that you read through this article carefully in other to grasp the necessary information that would help you to immigrate to Canada in no time!

Fastest and Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada

How to Immigrate to Canada (Canadian Immigration Programs)

There are more than 80 ways to immigrate to Canada. All of these ways have their requirements. In order to keep things simple, we will provide broad categories of Canadian immigration.

Ways to Immigrate to Canada: Overview

Below are some of the most common pathways to immigrate to Canada. If you are looking for the easiest and fastest ways to immigrate to Canada, keep reading below to find out.

1.     Economic and Business Immigration Options:

These options are available for professionals who possess the skills necessary to support the Canadian economy.

This category includes;

·        Express Entry

·        Provincial Nominee Programs

·        Quebec Immigration

·        Investor Programs

·        Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Programs

·        Other federal classes of immigration like the Caregivers Program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and the Agri-Food Pilot are also options under the category of economic immigration to Canada.

2.     Family Class Sponsorship:

This category is available to the family members of citizens in Canada and permanent residents.

This category includes;

·        Spouse or common-law/ conjugal partner

·        Dependent child (adopted or biological

·        Parents and grandparents.

 This option is sometimes also available to

·        Orphaned brother or sister

·        Orphaned nephew or niece

·        Orphaned grandchild

3.     Humanitarian and Refugee Immigration:

Canada has been regarded as one of the top countries in accepting new refugees and immigrants for compassionate or humanitarian reasons.

Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Immigrating to Canada may not be as easy as it seems. Below, we provide you some of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada with a link to learn more about these pathways.

1.     Family Class Sponsorship

2.     Immigrate to Canada through a work permit: Having a work permit allows you to immigrate to Canada easily. However, you would need to secure a job offer to get a work permit to immigrate to Canada. 

See also;

3.     Immigrate to Canada through a study permit: You can easily immigrate to Canada as an international student. Here's is a step to step guide on how to study in Canada

4.     Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Fastest Way to Immigrate to Canada

·        Express Entry: Applications processed by Express Entry takes less than six months.

·        Family Class Sponsorship

·        Immigrate to Canada through a job aligned with Global Talent Stream. It takes two weeks to process documents aligned with Global Talent Stream which makes it an extremely fast way to immigrate to Canada

·        Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

·        Provincial Nominee Program

How to become a Permanent Resident in Canada

If you do not just plan to immigrate to Canada temporarily, rather, you wish to reside permanently in Canada. Well, we got you covered. Here are easy ways you can become a permanent resident in Canada

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada

There are so many benefits of immigrating to Canada. These benefits are outlined below;

·        Canada is an immigrant-friendly country

·        Canada offers a better standard of Living

·        Canada has a growing population

·        Canada is one of the safest countries in the world

·        You would enjoy lots of medical benefits

·        Canada has world-class educational institutes and lots more other benefits

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada

The requirements to immigrate to Canada will depend on the program that you are applying for. However, the likely documents to be required include; identification/travel documents, educational records, proof of work experience among others.

Age Limit for Canadian Immigration:

There are no age limit requirements to immigrate to Canada. However, age 25 to 35 years have higher chances.

Is it Really Easy to Immigrate to Canada?

There are so many options available for you to immigrate to Canada. With these available options, immigrating to Canada is indeed possible. However, an effort is needed on your path. Moreover, some programs may seem difficult due to the high qualification requirements and documents needed.

It is, therefore, necessary to read the guide on this blog carefully to boost your chances of immigrating to Canada

Why is Canada Looking for Immigrants?

Canada is looking towards mass immigration. This is so because Canada depends on immigrants to grow its population and support the labor markets.

Also, Canada has an aging population. Therefore mass immigration is needed to keep Canada growing.

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